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About Us

We develop and produce quality spice and functional blends, packed under the Flavorpack® brand, to the meat industry. ONLY the finest quality imported spices and functional ingredients are used in the formulation and blending of our products. 

Blending and packing are done under strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards, to ensure Flavorpack® products of the highest quality and standards. A Certificate of Compliance is issued with each batch that leaves our blending plant(s)*. 

The development of products is based on specific customer needs (customer blends) as well as a range of standard lines which is available to all customers. All Flavorpack ® products are supplied by our “customer service” driven distributors, and supported by qualified & experienced Food Technologists and Butchers. 

Through our association with other market leaders – we offer a complete solution of products – ranging from Spices, Ingredients & Cleaning Chemicals to Butchery Training & Management Assistance as well as the best in Butchery Equipment. 

We have architected and supported the development of Hygiene Solutions as well as the iLert POS® & “Butchery Production and Management” programmes. 


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