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Belkozin constructed the idea for the production of artificial collagen in 1970, as there was a lack of domestic collagen casings for the production of sausages in Ukraine.

Belkozin have developed and improved production technology resulting in production of functional collagen products.  They owe their success to a constant technological development policy, environment protection, its codes of ethics and employees and, above all, to a continuous monitoring of clients’ needs and expectations.


The company introduced the ISO 9001:2008 quality policy, and the ISO 9001:2009 Certificate for Quality Management as well as an ISO 22000 Certificate. Belkozin also obtained Certificate of Compliance as well as a Halal Certificate. It is Belkozin’s relentless drive to perfection, quality and their action aimed at reducing the impact of their operation on the environment that have made them the ideal supplier to the Flavorpack product matrix.

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