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Modern world has brought many changes to our lives regarding eating habits. But, when it comes to food products, there is still one thing that has never changed: our appetite for traditional taste. People are still looking for that savoury, appetizing and mouth-watering traditional taste that brings them back to their childhood when food products were smoked and cooked in house by their grandparents.

At Emerson we are striving to help you bring to your customers exactly what they are looking for by using modern to obtain that sought-after traditional taste. With an expertise of more than 20 years in meat processing we have dedicated all of our time to developing new and reliable chambers for the production of cooked and smoked products. Our installations allow automatic heat treatment such as reddening, heating, roasting, drying, smoking and cooking for different kinds of products like: sausages, salami, injected products, hams etc, for all kinds of meat (pork, beef, poultry, fish etc.), cheese and others.

Whether you own a small-medium size plant or a large industrial factory we provide you with chambers for the production of smoked and cooked products that help you obtain the right products to meet the taste rigors of your consumers. We will also make sure that you find the most reliable and efficient solutions, thus ensuring you both the quality and the productivity your company relies on.

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