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With the new MVS XP line the vacuum inside the packaging can be traced: it is a new and revolutionary concept for the internal vacuum, an exclusive innovation in MINIPACK-TORRE style.
Indeed some models offer the possibility to obtain, for any single packaging cycle, a label where the essential processing information is printed.
The new conception control display installed on these machines is rich in functions and is technologically up-to-date for the food industry. The control panel allows a fast operations setting thanks to its interactivity and user-friendliness and helps the operator to program the technical and assistance operations.
All the new MVS XP line is CE/ETL/NSF certified.

A Range Of Unique Advantages

  • NEW CONCEPTION LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY: gives much information relative to the packaging; simple to be used, it allows a rapid program setting and gives the possibility to program the technical and maintenance operations on the machine at the final user’s location.
  • PRELIMINARY DIAGNOSIS of the technical problems of the machine drectly from the display through the check-up function without opening the machine
  • Possibility to select the types of product to be packaged per macro-categories (meat, fish, cheese, vegetables…)
  • Possibility to select the type of inert gas (ex FOOD1-2-3) and to set up (from a sub-menu) the percentage of gas which composes the mixture (ex.: O2= 10% N=70% CO2=20%) and to transfer the set up data on the label. This function assures excellent results if external gas mixers are present
  • Possibility to select sub-categories (ex. meat: veal, beef, poultry, pork…) for each product macro-categories
  • Automatic packaging cycle activation with suggested or default values after the selection of sub-categories; at this point only the expiry date may be optionally programmed
  • EASY PULSE function for a simple programming with the advantage for the operator to select pre-set stored functions with pre-set parameters
  • Printing option, to be programmed, to print the vacuum certification label and to choose the number of copies to be stuck on every single package obtained during each cycle
  • Electronic SOFT AIR with several speed levels, for the gradual air return into the chamber without any sudden package collapse (ideal for products with rough-edgy parts)
  • CP-CONDITIONING PROGRAM function for the pump switching on; it allows to eliminate the liquid-oil emulsions which may deposit in the pump tank. It is recommended after long periods in which the machine is not used
  • EXTERNAL VACUUM option to create the vacuum inside a container which is outside the machine but connected with a pipe directly to the chamber
  • Possibility to carry out the vacuum by setting the time, excluding the vacuum sensor reading
  • Error message or reference to the element in failure in case of breakdown with the visualization on the display of the telephone number or e-mail address of the nearest assistance centre
  • The oil change can be carried out without moving the pump and the substitution of the shock absorbers without lifting the chamber (these operations can be carried out by a single operator)
  • Access to the power board at the side of the machine without lifting the chamber


    New foremost displayed information

    DATE : as per the electronic clock
    LANGUAGE : 5 selectable languages
    OPERATOR : 0001 equivalent to Mr Rossi Mario
    VACUUM GRADE READING : % or in mbar (very useful to chefs)
    LABEL : YES; NO- option print with label
    SERVICE: distributor e-mail with telephone number
    CYCLES COUNTER : it counts the machines cycles (not changeable)
    OIL CYCLES : it indicates the pump oil change
    OFF CYCLES : it indicates the ordinary maintenance
    TOT. HOURS : it indicates the time when the machine is switched on
    TOT. HOURS : it indicates the pumps working hours



    Inventiveness and efficiency are combined in the new vacuum line machines by Minipack-Torre.
    These machines have been studied to optimise the organisation and the cooking time in the professional kitchens; that’s why they have such unique features. The special infusion program which helps the pickle of spices, sauces, flavours and syrup into the food. The new program dedicated to the sealing of hot food or liquids along with the automatic printer of labels according to the HACPP regulation.
    All these important news are useful tips for every chef who can count on an extra help in his kitchen.

    Technical features

    Power supply V 120/230
    Phase ph 1
    Sealing bars dimensions mm 620 (nr.1 frontale) + 310 (nr.2 laterali)
    Ciclo di confezionamento (Vuoto 99,9%) sec. Vuoto=22 - Rientro aria=5
    Dimensioni utili vasca mm 636x289x h.76
    Machine dimensions with open hood mm 835x542x704
    Vacuum pump mc/h 20
    Machine dimensions with closed hood mm 835x542x450
    Packed machine dimensions mm 650x810x705
    Machine weight (Net/Gross) kg 95/110
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