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Company Profile

Should we give the ID of MINIPACK-TORRE it wouldn't be difficult to list all the features which make MINIPACK-TORRE one of the leaders in the packaging field. 

Several & new locations, different skills (engineering, manufacturing, control) experience, technology and efficiency: MINIPACK-TORRE is all this! Nevertheless the most important & distinctive feature is the “constant technological innovation”. 

MINIPACK-TORRE has been patenting world-wide more than thirty innovations since 1976 when the company has revolutionised the shrinking field with the invention of the “chamber shrink machines”. No one like us has the peculiarity to continuously come out with revolutionary innovations in all the different packaging fields: vacuum, stretch and shrink (like the latest born in the automatic line: UNIKA 50). 

MINIPACK-TORRE, thanks to his products and the power of his ideas, is able to present itself always in a new and unusual way engendering awe among customers and also competitors.

That is why, today more than ever, it is time to stress the brand with a new pay-off: 

“MINIPACK-TORRE. Unexpected ideas”.

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