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Shelf-life Extension


Inspiring Food, Nourishing Life

Flavorpack Dosing Equipment

Team Flavorpack, as a non-exclusive distributor of Kerry Ingredients SA, supply specialized products of the highest quality from the Kerry basket of products. These products include a range of flavor ingredients and product seasonings, i.e Russian, Vienna & Polony seasonings – as well a range of functional ingredients, i.e injection brines.

Our product offerings include products from Zesti Smoke as well as A&B – with fantastic shelf-life extension &/or microbial growth inhibiting advantages.
The unique antimicrobial compounds are effective at reducing pathogenic organisms in a wide range of food products including meat and poultry products.
This powerful antimicrobial has a wide spectrum of activity and functions on nearly all pathogenic bacteria. It is effective against Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli, Campylobacter, yeast, molds and lactobacillus.

Team Flavorpack has over the past few years done extensive work in the Southern African markets to establish the best possible results in the reduction &/or retarding of microbial growth in RTE (ready to eat) processed meat product,s as well as fresh meat cuts, using calculated blends at specific dosage percentages.

The effectiveness of using smoke fraction & arginate in combination, has been well documented in reviewed scientific journals as a effective microbial hurdle, and offer an accepted solution to Listeria as per the USA FDA.

Among the benefits are:

Significant reduction in a wide range of bacteria

Extremely low usage rates

Processing aid classification

No flavor impact

Derived from natural compounds

Allergen, GMO, and Dairy Free

Flavorpack Dosing Equipment

Team Flavorpack has been instrumental in the design of dosing equipment for the application of these liquid products during the vacuum packing stages using rollstock machines. (see Scandivac Thermoforming Equipment).

With the use of our Flavorpack ® Dozing Equipment, we are able on introducing these antimicrobial liquid blend(s) into the vacuum packaging of RTE meat products before, or with the product insertion, used to surface spread the antimicrobial liquid.
This makes the addition and application extremely simple an accurate – rather than bathing, dipping or spray treating the surface of the meat product. Unlike potassium lactate/ acetate that is used internally in the product as part of the product’s formulation, our solution is applied only to the surface.
Only a relatively small amount of Antimicrobial Liquid blend is needed to cover the surface of the product as vacuum is applied to the package.
Unlike traditional sprays and dips, our dozing application allows for a much longer contacting time required to perform its function. Sprays and dips must work within a matter of seconds, and dwell time is critical. Since the amount of solution in sprays and dips is always in excess of the amount needed, there is a considerable amount of waste due to drip loss, spillage, evaporation and dilution.
By contrast, our dozing system is not time critical and because there is little liquid usage, waste is virtually non-existent resulting in lower cost to the user.

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