Angular grinder WR-200K with a loading pillar manufactured by REVIC company . Grinder WR-200K is used for grinding meat. It’s intended for use both in meat fish processing factories. It’s adapted for use with loading pillar attached to the body. At the throat outlet, additional attachments may be installed, such as: separator (device for separating meat, veins, tendons, cartilage), de-boning machine (a device for separating bones from poultry meat). The grinder is made in an angled arrangement of worms. Body is made as welded construction of angle bars and plates. Elements staying in contact with meat, e.g. hopper, worms, throat, throat nut, and the outer surfaces of the machine are made of stainless steel. Stuffing trolley loaded with meat is entered into a cradle of loading pillar and lifted above the hopper, then the trolley is tilted until the meat is completely discharged into hopper where feeding worm rotates. The meat is moved from the hopper to the throat where pushing worm and cutting system work. 


Engine power of delivery system [kW] – 3

Engine power of cutting system [kW] – 51/62

hopper size [L] – 370

A set of culvert discs with diameter – 3,5,8,10,14,20

Weight [kg] – 2400

Main construction features:

– made of stainless steel

– electric motors equipped with an overload protection system

– feeding worm equipped with automatic pushing system

– safety system including: throat protection cover, hopper lid, platform for staff

– microprocessor controller responsible for controlling all parameters during operation

– integrated loading pillar

– two-speed motor of cutting system

– smooth speed control of feeding system