Vacuum Mixer type RX-1250 V made by Revic is designed for fast and precise mixing     meat-mass for meat production in meat processing factories. The mixing process can be carried out in a vacuum or at atmospheric pressure. This machines use a system of teo mixing shafts with paddles which allows for precise and steady mixing of all meat-mass ingredients. Mixers have  a variable direction of rotation of paddles and two speeds of mixing. An additional advantage of the machine is the integrated loading pillar (optional) which can load standard 200 liter trolley for meat-mass. Whole machine is made of stainless steel which allows to keep the machine clean.


Total capacity [L] – 1250

Maximum load [kg] – 1000

Installed power [kW] – 2 x 5,5

Vacuum pump [dm3/h] – 63

control: inverter

Rotation: fixed rotation and bipolar engine

Weight [kg]: 2700

Pneumatic control of flap loading and ejection.

Main construction features:

– Two, full metal shafts with mixing paddles;

– Two speeds of mixing;

– Clockwise and anticlockwise rotations

– Vacuum system with Busch pump (option)

– 100% of stainless steel

– Two ejecting holes for meat-mass

– Adaptation to standard 200 liter stuffing trolley

– Loading and emptying flaps opened and closed pneumatically

– Loading pillar (option)

– Manual or automatic control of mixing

– Kit of safety switches/sensors