Advanced Fresh

Advanced fresh

Edible collagen casing, used for the production of “raw” sausages, subjected to further heat treatment at catering establishments or at home.

Shell advantages

– surpasses the natural shell in elasticity, strength, bacterial purity;

– ensures the stability of the diameter;

– steam-, gas permeability of the casing ensures the penetration into the product of aromatic substances during smoking, which allows preserving the aroma of the products during the entire storage period;

– does not require pre-soaking;

– the edible shell in the finished product is “tender”, has a pleasant natural “bite”.


Collagen casing for sausages and wieners of type Advanced Fresh with a diameter of 13 – 32 mm is produced in videofrirovannyh tubes from 19 to 21 cm long or from 26 to 29 cm.

The shell is delivered in a hermetic package that protects the shell from drying out.

The shell can be supplied with a closed (CE) and open (OE) end.

For automatic equipment, corrugated tubes are offered with a closed end made in two ways: a manual knot (PAL) and an automatic knot with a twist of the casing (FAM).


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