Angular grinder WR-160K with loading pillar manufactured by REVIC company is designed for grinding both fresh, frozen and boiled meat.


Engine power of delivery system [kW] – 2,2

Engine power of cutting system [kW] – 30/21

hopper size [L] – 420

A set of culvert discs with diameter – 3,5,8,10,14,20

Weight [kg] – 1600

Main construction features:

– electric motors equipped with an overload protection system

– feeding worm equipped with automatic pushing system

– available peripheral device for cartilages and membranes separation

– safety system including: throat protective cover, hopper top flap, platform for handling

– microprocessor controller responsible for control of all parameters during operation

– integrated loading pillar RW-200 with gearbox

– two-speeds of cutting-system motor

– smooth speed control of the feeding worm.


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