Manually tilted, paddle Mixer type RX-150V from Revic is designed for fast and precise mixing meat-mass for meat production in meat processing factories. This machines has one mixing paddle which allows for precise and steady mixing of all meat-mass ingredients. Mixers have a variable direction of rotation of paddles and variable speed of mixing by using inverter. Whole machine is made of stainless steel which allows to keep the machine clean.


Total capacity [L] – 150

Maximum load [kg] – 120

Installed power [kW] – 1,5

Rotation – 5-36

Weight [kg] – 340

Main construction features:

– One mixing paddle;

– Variable speed of mixing by using inverter;

– Clockwise and anticlockwise rotations;

– 100% of stainless steel

– Manual tilt of mixer during unloading

– Vacuum system