Vacuum Mixer type RX-3000 V from Revic is designed for fast and precise mixing meatmass for meat production in meat processing factories. The mixing process can be carried out in a vacuum at a pressure of 0.07 MPa or at atmospheric pressure. This machines use a dual system of mixing paddles which allows for precise and steady mixing of all meat-mass ingredients. Mixers have a variable direction of rotation of paddles and variable speed of mixing. Machine is integrated with loading pillar which can load standard 200 liter trolley for meat-mass. Whole machine is made of stainless steel which allows to keep the machine clean.


Total copacity [L] – 3000

Maximum input [kg] – 2400

Installed power [kW] – 21

Power of loading pillar [kW] – 0,75

Power of engines [kW] –  2x 8,5

Min. supply pressure of pneumatic [bar] – 4

Voltage [V/Hz] – 240/60 ( 3 phases )

Control: Mikster MCM023 or SIEMENS PLC microcontroller (as an option: 1000,00 E extra)

Weight [kg] – 3700

Main construction features:

– Dual system of mixing paddles;

– Polished bath

– Two speeds of mixing;

– Clockwise and anticlockwise rotations

– Vacuum system

– Water dosing system

– Load cells system

– Two outlets of meat-mass

– Adaptation to standard 200 liter trolley for meat-mass

– Loading and emptying valve opened and closed pneumatically

– Loading pillar RW-200

– Manual or automatical control of mixing

– All components, such as engine and vacuum system are located in cover, and access to them is possible only when cover is removed

– Electrical installation is located in box on the side of the machine

– 100% of stainless steel