PSS SM 700

PSS SM 700
PSS SM 700

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  • VAT
  • Input
    8 kW
  • Weight of the device
    1 700 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    2420 mm x 1350 mm x 2110 mm
  • Voltage network
    3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S
  • Standardized AC voltage
    230/400 V ± 10% pages

About “PSS SM 700"

PSS SMs are designed for food industry operations for the fast mixing of any kind of product. PSS SMs ensure even and gentle mixing regardless of product structure.

The mixers achieve the best mixing times thanks to their special design. The product is mixed up by maximally overlapping paddles in an almost square, two-level hopper. Rotating overlapping paddles gently move the product in every direction to deliver the desired final structure. The clearance between the paddles and the hopper is minimal so that there is no compression or squashing of the product. PSS SMs also optimize fast emptying because of the two-level hopper, minimize final product residue and thereby significantly reduce the operating time between batches, and can eliminate cross-contamination, too.


  • Dust lid without sealing
  • Grid cap
  • Cover plate with sealing
  • Weighing system on the frame
  • Temperature sensor
  • The cooling system of top injection N2
  • The cooling system of top injection CO2
  • The cooling system of bottom injection CO2
  • Steam injection system
  • Water dosing system
  • Double jacket
  • Isolation
  • Mirror–effect polished hopper and paddles
  • Inspection platform
  • Remote access via the internet
  • Frequency inverter (SM 500)

About the Manufacturer

Manufacturer: PSS

PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. offers a wide variety of meat processing machines of various capacities as well as complete lines intended for high-capacity and continuous meat processing in permanently operated establishments. They consist of several types of machines and equipment and are designed for high production quantity. These complex systems are designed in accordance with customers‘ requirements.

PSS SM 700