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  • Weight of the device
    750 kg
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About “KN 501 SPRINT"

The automatic double clipper KOMPO-SPRINT (KN-501) uses continuous clips and is designed to automatically squeeze and clip tubular casings, as well as, to cut between portions and apply loops as needed. The KN-501 can be used in meat, fish, poultry, and dairy processing industries. It is ideally suited for a variety of applications, including the packaging of sausages, ice cream, butter, soft cheeses, curds, mayonnaise, and other paste-like products into tubular casings.


  • Clipping of sausage chains and single sausages;
  • three different dosing methods —filler signal; timer; flag signal (mechanical or optical);
  • fold-back feeder for convenient feeding of the casing;
  • optional double horn turret feeder;
  • optional controllable filling tube break to reduce casing breakage;
  • optional ring sausage looping system;
  • the unique design of clamping and drawing mechanisms ensures clean sausage tails;
  • fast (no tools required) adjustment of squeezing axle relative to the dye -allows for the adjustment of clip closure to accommodate various types of the casing;
  • fast (no tools required) adjustment of squeezing plates;
  • adjustable clip closing pressure without the need to stop the machine;
  • control and monitoring of clips closure pressure (protection of the die and pushers from overstressing);
  • automatic locking of clips pressure;
  • pneumatic clip feeding drive (more sanitary than chain feeding);
  • fast switching of clip pitch (between 15 – 18mm) and of the distance between clips (between 30 – 36mm);
  • 3 options for output conveyor (roll-over, automatic single belt, automatic double belt);
  • adjustable conveyor speed;
  • fast dismounting (no tools required) of cutting knife;
  • sensors indicating casing and clip depletion;
  • PLC and touch screen;
  • save your clipping preferences for various products in the clipper’s memory.
  • due to the central clamping device, the casing shift is reduced to zero;
  • number of strokes – up to 135 portions per minute;
  • casing reloading time reduced due to the two-spindle turret feeder with both manual and pneumatic rotation of the spindles;
  • reconfiguration to various casing diameters without disconnecting the clipper from the filler;
  • automation of all operations of the work cycle, including loop feeding for both sausages and sausage chains;
  • possibility of combined operation with a dosing filler and dosing by the stick length;


About the Manufacturer

Manufacturer: Kompo

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