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  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    2750mm (length) x 1250mm (width) x 1750mm (height)

About “EDT-TYC-100"

This Hygiene Barrier provides a fast and hygienic entrance to the workshop thanks to 3 brushes mounted vertically and 2 horizontally mounted brushes which are rotating mutually.

Thanks to the integrated dosing pump, all brushes are sprayed with a mixture of water and detergent during operation. The working time of the brushes can be manually adjusted to 01-10 seconds. The operation is started and stopped with the sensors at the start and endpoints.

Working Method and Properties

To prevent the bristles from breaking off, the brushes are about 8cm above the rotating cylinders which are installed in depth. Thanks to the Integrated Dosing Pump, the solution consisting of a mixture of Water and Chemical cleaning agent is sprayed onto the brushes. You can also check the density of the cleaning agent through the nozzles.

The working time of the brushes can be adjusted manually from the program, for 01 to 10 seconds or longer. Special Sensors at the starting points start the operation. This model has about 100cm long brushes. Rotating brushes are automatically activated by the sensors. The next step is hand disinfection and the last step is free passage through the turnstile.

Thanks to the turnstile system and the automatic processing process, the staff enter the workshop serially, without waiting in line. The brushes on the system are long-lasting and resistant to breakage/spillage.


Product Benefits

  • Working time of the brushes that clean the shoes/boots soles can be adjusted as desired.
  • Brushes can be easily removed and installed without the need for an additional tool.
  • With the special brushing system that penetrates deep into the floors, the floors are cleaned in a guaranteed way.
  • Thanks to its deeply mounted brush bristles, it offers a long service life.
  • Mandatory hand disinfection is provided simultaneously, the system does not operate with one hand, so it provides absolute disinfectant
  • Hand disinfection time can be adjusted.
  • The system, which does not allow manual intervention from the outside, guarantees safe disinfection.
  • In case of emergencies such as power cuts and “EMERGENCY STOP” button activation, the turnstile provides free passage in both directions.
  • It is possible to open or lock the output direction according to preference.
  • Our product has a quality and hygienic surface structure thanks to its Stainless Steel special Satin surface.

Machine Dimensions: 2750mm (length) x 1250mm (width) x 1750mm (height)

About the Manufacturer

Manufacturer: Tanriver

We produce high standards of hygiene technologies for over 2000 companies that care about human health and hygiene. We offer suitable solutions not only in highly sensitive companies such as health and food but also in all sectors from construction to electronics.