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    400mm x 1400mm x 900mm

About “SA-EY"

This device allows you to keep hand hygiene under control when passing to different areas in the workshop and between floors. Turnstile does not allow passage without being disinfected in the machine. Our product is completely made of stainless material. Hands are inserted into 2 separate compartments on the front of the machine at the same time, the disinfectant process starts as soon as the hands are detected by the photocells. There are Red / Green led warning lights on the hand disinfectant. When the hand disinfectant process is completed, the green warning lamp lights up, and thereafter Turnstile allows the free passage. If the hand disinfection process is not done correctly, the turnstile will never allow passage.

Both hands must be sensed and disinfected at the same time by the sensor for correct operation. On the right/left side of the device, there is a stainless carrier plate for the disinfectant canister.

Our device can be integrated with various card reading systems and automatic guillotine doors. The device is presented to be mounted on the ground and delivered ready for operation.

About the Manufacturer

Manufacturer: Tanriver

We produce high standards of hygiene technologies for over 2000 companies that care about human health and hygiene. We offer suitable solutions not only in highly sensitive companies such as health and food but also in all sectors from construction to electronics.