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SC 140
SC 140

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About “SC 140"

SCANDIVAC SC 140 is usable for a small amount of products packaging. With very compact dimensions, it is very useful in limited areas.

SCANDIVAC SC 140 can be used to pack a wide range of products

Food – packing of meat, fish, salads, cheese, vegetables, and other products
Medicine – packing of medical products
Pharmacy – packing of pharmaceutical products, tools, and goods
Packing of industrial and consumer goods

The machine of this series is the best solution for the growing small manufacturers with a limited production area. By using tested technologies, electronics, and pneumatic spare parts of well-known European manufacturers, packaging machines provide safe, precise, and stable work during many years of operation.


SCANDIC SC 140 main parameters

  • Solid stainless steel frame, for safe transportation and for strengthening of systems and mechanisms.
  • Durable gripper chain guides casing.
  • All SCANDIVAC machines are equipped with a servo drive system for the gripper chain.
  • Most of the spare parts are freely available on the market.

Type of packaging

  • Only sealing of the package
  • Vacuum and sealing
  • Vacuum, gas, and sealing

Longitudinal cutting

  • Rotary knife assembly

Types of cutting

  • Longitudinal and cross-cutting


  • Cross-cutting unit for the flexible film – straight cut
  • Cross-cutting unit for the rigid film with round corners

Types of forming

  • Only with compressed air

Cut-off length

  • 150, 200, 240, 270, (300) mm

Details of packages

  • Max. forming depth (mm): Flexible film up to 80 m, Rigid film up to 40 mm
  • Hanging hole – oval or round
  • Hanging hole – “eiroslot”

Control system

  • Colorful LCD touch screen
  • Control elements from SMC Pneumatics, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, Busch, and others

Specification of films

  • Film width: from 320 and 420 mm
  • Flexible film
  • Thickness up to 100 microns
  • Lower film: rigid film, flexible film
  • Thickness: for rigid film up to 300 microns; for flexible film up to 400 microns

Potential options for SCANDIVAC machines

  • Labeller
  • Data printer
  • Dosing system
  • Pad placer

About the Manufacturer

Manufacturer: Scandivac

SCANDIVAC is one of the largest manufacturers of thermoforming machines in Northern Europe with 20 years of experience in producing different kinds of food processing equipment. Packaging machines and their appliances are manufactured using the newest technologies in engineering.

SC 140